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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  September 5, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. hermine is out at sea, but that doesn't mean it will not have an impact along the
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shore. we'll tell you why officials say you should be careful even if the sun is shining overhead. hey there, good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> and i'm joe holden in for jim donovan. first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. police fanned out on the 2200 block of north chadwick street searching for clues to bring them closer to catching a killer. >> many people headed down the shore to celebrate the long holiday weekend, despite the threat of hermine. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> before taking the stage, cold play lead singer chris martin made a special visit to children's hospital. president bill clinton, he was actually on hand to register people to vote. >> republican nominee donald trump who was in philadelphia last friday resumed his campaign tomorrow in virginia beach. many folks spent the last full weekend of the summer at the
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amusements. >> even though people couldn't go for a swim, many say they're just glad they made the trip. >> and that was quite the sunset there. captured by cbs-3 photographer ed. >> awesome. katie, the sun is set on the unofficial end of summer. we could see temperatures in the 90s this week. >> eventually yes. certainly not out of the question, out of the ordinarinessly even to see temperatures that spike to the 90s, that's eventually something down the road. as we start to heat up, steam up yet again here. but very comfortable outside at the moment. sort of crisp feeling to the air. definitely feels like we're nudging in to the days of fall. and yes, pumpkin spice latte, friend, are available. if if that doesn't say fall i don't know what does. quick peak at the maps here. we do have some clouds still rolling in at the immediate shore line. that will skew the sunrise, regardless, clear as a bell over center city and certainly inland and north as well. that's all courtesy of at least for the most part an area of high pressure dominating the majority of the
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weather pattern. you can obviously see the clouds, that's the outer most rim of what is now position tropical cyclone hermine, and that system will continue to churn out to sea for couple every days, very strange pattern, that that system has taken. meanwhile, here's where we stand with the temperatures. actually on the cool side up toward allentown, 57 degrees, philly only at 63 degrees, very comfortably cool, however, and that is sort of story up and down i95, as you head out to the suburb of course it tends to get cooler under the clear sky. here is a example. fifty-four at pottstown, quakertown, and then the doylestown area. now, happy labor day to you, if you are lucky enough to have the day off, here, experience some sunshine, it is little breezy out there, but thankfully hermine well out to sea, daytime high in philly hitting 82 degrees, worth a mention folks, if you are at the shore and watching us there now, i don't want you to get confused or let estray by the fact it might be pretty
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nice out on the board walk, even on the beaches. the sea's are still dangerousment coming up later in the broadcast, talk much more about the coastal situation, when tides will be coming in, when the threat for coastal flood something at its worse, also, when can we see hermine finally make its full departure, all of that and much more coming up. >> kate, thank you, a lot going on in the weather department, i can tell you, the opposite in the traffic department. so weird with weather on labor day for every weaken, just never know, never. looking outside, guys, it is nice and quietment spring garden street at the parkway, looking here, braking down everything from the festival over the weekend. get to go closures that have not quite been lifted yet. ben franklin bridge, moving in the westbound side into center sit basically your drive. it is looking so nights out there. so if you have to drive today, that's one of the bonuses, just will not have typical congestion as we usually contend with monday through friday, and i would say even into the rush hour. looking a lot like this, 59 south at cottman, around the s
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curve into center city again just looking nights and real quiet. couple of closures we're talking about, ben franklin parkway between the art museum circle and 20th, one that's not yet lifted, spring garden street to pennsylvania another one still waiting on, and expected to lift sometime in the early 5:00 hour, still out there, so i'll let you know as soon as those do indeed lift. accident in chaddsford, baltimore pike at creek road. now also since cleared, and we have construction throughout and some stepped up, joe, over to you. >> thank you very much. while the storm didn't have the impact once predict dollars, don't let the nice weather fool you as we've been hearing, folks down the shore could still see some tidal flooding compliment of hermine. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in ocean city. jan, good morning. >> reporter: brooke, joe, good morning, that's right. visitors and neighbors alike are keeping a close eye on the forecast this morning, with a possibility of coastal flooding, still in store here, on the jersey shore this morning. but you know what, ocean city already feeling the impact of this storm.
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zombies cents are reporting sales way down over this weekend. and the labor day race, which usually happens here in ocean city, every year, at 9:00 a.m., advantage for the first time ever, again still the threat of coastal flooding and beach errosion. that threat will continue here in ocean city through at least this morning's high tidement expected just after 11:30. and right now you can see though just a breeze, some rough surf off in the distance and empty boardwalk. officials don't want folks to let their guards down just yet. ocean city still un the storm warning, and the water here will remain closed to swimming today, due to the rough surf and strong current. those are still dangerous conditions, and officials were asking vacationers not to disregard the temporary ban. fortunately, though, for the most part, looks like the jersey shore did dodge a bullet here. still the threat sent crowds from the shore this weekend. "eyewitness news" on the board last night, zombies owners tell us their profits are way down, some as much as 50%.
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that's tough to take on one of the bus years three day weekends of the entire year. visitors can stay, though, and they're happy they did. >> definitely wouldn't want to be out there in the water, but beautiful day right now in terms of taking a stroll on the board walk and the beach. >> couple tried to charge in the water but we had to tell them no. we put up signs. signs are helping a lot. >> and you know what, we did find some people who tell us they're getting out of town early today to avoid possible flooding. meanwhile, live out here in ocean city this morning, we have some crews combing the beach. we did just see one man taking a stroll by himself on the board walk. officials are asking people who decide to stick around, to keep their eyes open, and aware of the forecast, and the possibility of some flooding here, they say, be prepared to move their vehicles from low-lying streets and areas that often flood, by watching the forecast. we're going to continue to keep you up-to-date. for now live in ocean sit, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", joe and brooke, back to you. >> thank you for that live
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report. >> make sure to download the cbs philly weather app to stay ahead of severe weather. available for your android and apple devices. now, there are a loft questions after shooting in north philadelphia. that has left a woman dead and man wounded. investigators say the two were on the 2200 block of north wadwick street early this morning when the gunman shot them. woman died short time laterment man is in critical condition with gunshot wound to the head. right now police have no suspect and no motives. >> police say an argument between two brothers led to shooting in philadelphia's frankford section. investigators tell us the younger brother shot his older brother in the chest. the incident unfolded right in front of family last night on the 5,000 block of penn street. friends rushed the 23 year old man to the hospital. he is list in the critical condition. police say they know the identity of the older brother, and say, it is only a matter of time before they catch him. police in plymouth township montgomery county hope you can find the man responsible for a bank robbery
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saturday. now the suspect seen here, caught on camera at this td bank on germantown pike police say two men demanded money from the teller and one appeared to have a gun. the other man jumped the counter as you see there. both suspected robbers are in their 20's, and police say they're armed and dangerous. if you have any information on this robbery, you're asked to call police right away. >> a child is hurt following a crash along the ross svelt expressway in east falls. there is no word on what led to the collision, which happened just before 10:00 last night on the expressway, at fox street. we're told that child will be okay. >> just in time for back to school, young student are looking their best, more than 300 boys got free haircut in west philadelphia yesterday. it was part of the annual bashers who care event. but, besides haircut, the young man scored sixers gear thanks to owe for and free book bags and books donated by the philadelphia free library.
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two lucky student took home brand new tablet. >> and, what would labor day be without a labor day parade? >> the city labor day parade stepped off around 9:30 this morning, the 29th annual afl-cio philadelphia labor day parade. mayor jim kenney, summer march around 9:30 along columbus avenue, electricians, carpenters, postal workers and other union members will celebrate labor day. >> cold play lead singer chris martin in town this weekend for made in america. but he didn't just greet concert goers. >> also made a stop at children's hospital of philadelphia. we'll tell you about his visit, and the patient he greeted. >> plus, times you don't get the result you're looking for, but what if a gym guarantees you would? we'll tell you about the deal some fitness centers across the country are offering to lure peo
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>> no thank you, i don't do scary movies, we'll know after today's labor day numbers. but expected to be in the top spot for the weekend box office. it brought in 16 million so
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far. sue squad with second, and cubeo and the two strings and sausage party wrap up the top five. >> before taking the stage it, made in america, cold play lead singer chris martin stoned by children's hospital to visit special patients. one of them is luke theodoseatia, leukemia, and bone marrow transplant, and marrow donated by luke's brother, mico. we're told chris martin visited several rooms. >> i got to tell you, i had a blast at my first made in america there is was me, rahel solomon, "kyw news radio" melanie, and our friend siena, two of the best days ever out there with all every those people, everybody out in red, white and blue. we tried to be patriotic there. two of us ended up in black, but could you only do so much, right? but rihanna's performance amazing, cold play, bus, here
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is the thing, okay? i want you to know that i was in the same space, general space, outside area, as beyonce, on her birthday. >> oh, there go. >> uh-huh. >> excellent. >> gel us? >> ya. >> very jealous. >> the food, good? >> i had a hotdog sunday, saturday, i don't think i had any. too much excitement. >> really nice, right? >> gorgeous, both days. >> not bad at all. >> not wet. >> really comfort many at the shore, little bit of a gray area, but even there you had some real nice weather. at this point we take another look at the shore currently, sun not yet up. starting to rise over the horizon, as it continues to do so, we end one some cloud cover for sure, we give you sense of where hermine is right now, and where it is headed but my bottom line to you guys, is this. i would stay on dry land.
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could we see passing shower at the shore line? yes. it is possible. but generally speaking, all of this is going to stay out to sea. and there is the leading edge, outer most skirts of the system. nothing but clear skies right now, we zoom it around, see the system again, post tropical cyclone hermine at this point. heavy rain, all ots as we say out to sea, so no major worries. when it comes to the rain at least not on land areas. different story in the actual water. nice high pressure holding tough, generally speaking, leading edge of the squawl line next cold front that eventually will be crossing through, but few more days before that happens. we will heat up in the meantime. hermine again the latest with the system, here is the thing that's most interesting. when it comes to this storm. the movement. it is going to the north at whopping 3 miles per hour.
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you could walk that far in less than an hour right or at least run that far. so regardless this is moving so, so sluggishly, that is why we've got to worry about that off shore issue for the next few days, and i mean eventually it will be moving out to sea. but this takes it all the way out to friday before it is even bypassing hal fax. so it will take some time. that means the next couple every days, coastal flood worries as well as just rough surf is, rip countries being, if this is your week at the shore, and you decided to brave it anyway, you'll ends up with nice weather on diet land. coastal flood advisories, warnings, posted across all of our area shore points, and again, that will last us until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. rip countries being, through at least mid week though, talking high risk, at every shore point. so, if you are going in the water, and i still advise against it, stay near the lifeguards. please, be smart about this, guys. moving forwards in the nor cast back to the 90s by thursday, friday, so couple of
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steamy ones coming up. meisha? >> katie, thank up, great advice as usual. good morning everyone, happy labor day to you. outside it is looking so quiet out there. right now 422 westbound at trooper, still very, very dark outside. you can see one lone ranger kind of just sipping on by. nothing to see there. ninety-five south at academy, kind of same story here, you push in the southbound direction, i would say, always moving toward the 6:00 hour. typically this would start to be getting very busy out there, working with there, also, schuylkill at spring garden, you can see the squad car still out, there the schuylkill down there, this is because of it is still closed closures made in america festival this weekend. so those should be lifting sometime soon. know this one, in particular, slow out there. actually two, then i have to keep my eye, let you know as soon as they do lift. looking at the ben franklin parkway between the art museum and 20th street. also spring garden street at pennsylvania avenue. just make note of that we do still have closures around the area again should be lifting sometime soon.
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hopefully within next hour or so. also, we've got some extra bus service here, starting tomorrow, there will be starting september 6, chestnut hill west, fox chase, media, elwyn, jenkintown and elkins park station. i'll be tweeting those out too. >> so far, no deal between president obama and russian president vladmeere pete end on cease-fire deal in syria. but they've agreed to keep talking. two leaders metaphor about an hour and a half on the side lines of the g20 summit in china they are working on plan to provide access to humanitarian aid for thousands of civilians in syria. >> a massive wooden replica of 17th century london is poor of the on the river, thanks to mark, excuse me, the 350 anniversary of the great fire of london. spectators look on as the flames devoured the replica buildings floating on the water. the great fire raged for four days back in 1666 and destroyed much of the city of london leaving tens of
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thousands of londoners homeless in reshaping the face of the city. with summer over, hard earn than ever to stay in shape. and it is not easy staying motivated but jill wagner shows us trends in gyms that could be just the ticket. the membership come with money back guarantee. >> at this manhattan gym, if you don't get into shape, you get your money back. at first, rob thought it was too good to be true. >> i thought there had to be hundreds of loopholes, refunds would never be a possibility. but he gave it a shot. it has been four months, and he's lost 30 pounds. >> jeff, the owner of the gym, halbe life. came up with the idea of fitness guarantee. >> takes one of the major issues in our industry, entire notion every accountable, and unused gym memberships people are paying for, gets them absolutely no where. >> fitness guarantee, five cry
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tear y. strength, muscle, cardio, flexibility, not weight loss. >> if our members haven't improved in at least three out of the five areas, in their first 09 days, we given them all of their money back, all of the membership deuce, and they're completely let out of the obligation of their membership contract. >> handful of gyms across the country are offering money back guarantees to attract customers. but david jack foremen's health magazine said make sure to read the fine print. >> you have to be careful 100% money back guarantees, know who you are going into business with, what their track history is, what the hundred% money back guarantee entails. >> fin works in finance. >> number are actually good. >> with this investment he's very happy not to get his money back. jill wagner, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". the holiday weekends has special meaning at naval station may port in jacksonville, florida. >> that's because this was homecoming weekend. we'll take i therefore the emotional reunion between service members and their
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>> najim laachraoui being away from your family for months. >> for the military, that's norm. >> when this returned to after
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seven month deployment in florida. >> exactly 222 days. >> the smiles from hundreds of people, waiting anxiously to be re ' nighted when their loved one over shadow the overcast skies. >> so excited he's coming home. >> for sydney and her little brother wesley the wait felt like forever. >> we wanted him to come home for so long, didn't we? >> ann myers can't hold back her tears. she has a daughter on board. >> and then you can see the ship in the distance. >> i can see it. >> these are moment you can't describe. only show. >> daddy! >> so proud of you. >> we're so excited. daddy! >> the best feeling in the world. >> i just want to go home and be with them. >> i know, i have to till, and
5:56 am
how often do you hear reporters say these are moments that you cannot describe but only show. how appropriate. >> they are the best moments ever actually, always clicking on it whenever i glee that little girl, torpedos to her daddy. beautiful. >> good stuff there. well, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", how wine experts could help researchers figure out a way to prevent altzheimer's disease in this morning's health watch. >> plus, local student hitting the weight room to train their bodies, and mind. our pat gat end will introduce you to the guidance counselor who got these girls started. coming up.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> right now hermine is spinning away from the east coast it, doesn't mean we're completely in the clear. >> the coastal flood warning remains in effect and katie says the real danger, of course, is in the water. new this morning, two people were shot and left for dead in the middle of the street. one was killed, the other is in critical condition. we're live with a description of the gunman. >> and after a big party, you have a big clean up.
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crews have been working through the night cleaning up from the made in america music festival along the ben franklin parkway. today is monday, september 5th, happy labor day, i'm jim hold never for jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha here keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning, happy monday. every camera shotty look at looks like a ghosttown. >> seeing no cars. >> anyway, looking really good. you're in great company so far this morning. >> awesome. like that. you'll intoed the head lights to bright edge them out out there. >> there you have it. >> awesome. >> nice clear sky. but not heck of a lot of moonlight. it was a waining moon here. so not going to have that to really help matters much here. but the sun eventually rising over the horizon, and actually in for pretty nice day. looking at storm scan, overall, no problems. you have pretty clear sky. obviouslme


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